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We craft completely custom florals for every wedding we do

 White Box Photography

White Box Photography


We meet for in-
person inspiration

Goodbye, overwhelm!

We guide you through both the overarching feeling and smallest details of your day. We have a large archive of handpicked, styled photographs we'll look through together, as well as any favorite images you bring to the meeting. We love to hear exactly what you're dreaming of.



We care for every
detail and you

We're super responsive

The moment you walk into our boutique downstairs, you'll be met with a smile and led to our floral consultation space. Our process is fun, clear, and straightforward. You'll get our full attention and always receive quick replies to your emails & phone calls.


Photo by Caroline Lima

 Photo by Brandon Lata

Photo by Brandon Lata


We source the highest quality flowers for you

We fully realize the vision

We craft each of your arrangements, bouquets, and installations with the freshest flowers and our expert technique. We arrange each stem into a spectacular display that captures your wedding day style. At delivery, we make sure each aisle marker and centerpiece is placed just so.



We craft a custom proposal for you

We create a complete vision

We write a very detailed proposal for you to make sure everything from the color of your floral wrap to the timing of your delivery is spot on. Our proposal pulls together inspiration images and logistical notes so that every arrangement and bouquet is just as you envision.


White Box Photography


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