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We're a  florist, bridal store, & boutique for triple the beauty

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We're Rachael and Becky — two sisters who believe that you deserve something more for your wedding and event experience. That's why we created Tre Bella. Tre Bella brings a multi-faceted approach to North Carolina and destination weddings. We aren't just a floral company, bridal store, or gift and clothing boutique. Our three-story historic Durham storefront houses all three, for triple the beauty for your wedding and beyond.

We love that we get to be present in more than just one part of your wedding day or event. Whether you stop by our boutique for bridesmaids gifts (or a gift to yourself!), or we deliver the perfectly tailored wedding dress of your dreams, or we transform buckets of flowers into a breathtaking custom design for you, we always have just one goal: to give you an unparalleled experience.

Our Name

Tre Bella

We opened our doors in 2005, and if our mom had it her way, she would have named our shop Three Beauties — one of our old nicknames. We laughed and decided Tre Bella was just a little more subtle. What was originally a nod to our family of three sisters and the love that built this place came full circle in 2014 when Tre Bella began housing three beautiful endeavors under one roof: floral design, bridal gowns, and our gift boutique.

When you invite us into any part of your wedding day or event, we count it an honor to invite you into our family.


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Meet the Bridal Team



Co-owner & Founder

go-to ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip
favorite flower: Peony
What makes my day: Hearing my daughter laugh


Co-owner & Founder

go-to ice cream flavor: Moose tracks with rainbow sprinkles
flower: Peony
what makes my day: Hugs from my daughters


bridal and boutique manager

go-to ice cream flavor: Bryers mint chocolate chip
favorite flower: Daffodil
What makes my day: Lighting a good smelling candle at the end of the day & relaxing


bridal associate

go-to ice cream flavor: Cookies & Cream
favorite flower: Blue bonnet
What makes my day: Candle – lit, meditation


bridal associate

go-to ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip
favorite flower: Hydrangeas and peonies
What makes my day: A good glass of wine and a family dinner



go-to ice cream flavor: Cookies and cream
favorite flower: Sunflower
What makes my day: Reading something inspiration to start my day



go-to ice cream flavor: Tiramisu
favorite flower: Gladiolus
What makes my day: When I sleep well! I wake up early in a good mood. It's perfect.



go-to ice cream flavor: Tamochas – best combo ever
favorite flower: Daffodils -first sign of spring
What makes my day: Rubbing my dog’s belly

I knew when I walked into Tre Bella for the first time, I wanted to buy a wedding dress from these sweet ladies. I instantly felt at home and extremely comfortable.
— Catherine